Sexual Dysfunction

#008: Role of Cannabinoids in Sexual Dysfunction

There can be a lot of shame around sexual dysfunction. For men, they don’t want to admit they have it because they want to be seen as very manly. For women, they sometimes pretend that they enjoy it when they don’t. Sexual dysfunction happens for a lot of reasons, so the way it’s treated needs to recognize that.

For women, hormonal changes can cause sexual dysfunction. I discuss the different hormone therapies, some of their risks, and some natural remedies for sexual dysfunction, including:

  • Using lubricant
  • Spicing up the bedroom with toys or
  • Increased communication with one’s partner

I describe what sexual dysfunction looks like in men, why it occurs and some natural remedies for men. It is usually better to start with natural remedies like exercise, healthy eating, lowering stress, or addressing the mental thing that’s causing problems.

For both men and women, medications can sometimes cause sexual dysfunction. I share some examples of that, and how a patient can address that. I also discuss other underlying problems for sexual dysfunction like a mental disorder, a thyroid problem, anxiety, or stress.

I think we will continue to see patients that cannot use the traditionally prescribed ED drugs. Because of poor health from high cholesterol and other similar conditions, nitrates have been increasingly prescribed for younger and younger patients, and the nitrate-based ED drugs cannot also be used. I explain some of the problems with common health complaints and how sexual dysfunction’s pharmacological solutions may not work well with those complaints.

There are some really promising studies about cannabis in the role of sexual dysfunction. CBD has been shown to have 10 times the inflammatory properties of non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), and three times the inflammatory properties of steroids. I discuss some of the potential benefits of cannabis and how it might be used to treat sexual dysfunction.

We definitely need more studies to know how we could use CBD or THC to treat patients who might not be able to use traditional drugs.

What’s Inside:​

  • I discuss the different causes of sexual dysfunction in men and women.
  • I talk about some of the side effects of ED drugs.
  • The popularity of nitrate drugs limits how ED can be treated.
  • The body’s natural endocannabinoid system and how it works with ED.
  • Promising results from studies in mice about cannabis products.

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This show is for educational purposes and should not be taken as medical advice. Welcome to the Let’s talk about medical cannabis with doctor O, a clinical pharmacist certified in medical cannabis. Every week you’ll learn about alternative ways to improve your health and wellbeing using the healing power of botanicals such as cannabinoids. Here’s your host, Lola Ohonba.

Hi guys. Thank you for joining me on another episode of less talk about medical cannabis with Doctor O. I’m so glad that you guys are able to join me again for another episode. Today’s episode is episode eight and we will be talking about the role of cannabis and sexual dysfunction. Thank you so much for all our listeners and our subscriber. If you are yet to subscribe to the show, please do so. We now have a dedicated page on our website where you can have access directly to the podcast platforms so you can easily go to the website, on our website you’ll see our dedicated page for the podcast platform so you can just subscribe directly from there. Thank you so much for those of you that have subscribed and also for all patreons. You are supporting us financially. We are very appreciative of that.

Thank you so much. I just want to let you guys know in case you did not notice that we have made a slight change, so the title of the podcast based on the feedback that we got from many of our listeners, so we not call this show. Let’s talk about medical cannabis with Dr. O and we also updated our cover. I hope you guys liked the new cover. Please keep the feedback coming. We appreciate your feedback. The purpose of this show is educational and committed to improving the show as we go along. Also, if you have any information or any ways we can improve this show, please do not hesitate to let us know about that and we’ll take that into consideration when producing the show. Today’s show is titled the role of cannabinoid in sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction can come in the form of erectile dysfunction or impotency.

Sexual dysfunction can be very difficult to talk about. Even one to one saw a healthcare provider. For men. They’ve, some people might feel like, Oh, I’m a man, I’m not supposed to have erectile dysfunction or I shouldn’t even talk about that. And in the case of women, sometimes we think that Oh, who believe. The role is to please the man. Really we are not supposed to enjoy sex. This is totally not supposed to be. Many people tend to be embarrassed or ashamed when they are having an issue, we saw that is related to sex and a lot of people don’t want to talk about it. There’s really nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to discussing sex. Sex is a process that is given to us by our Maker. It’s a natural process that we are supposed to enjoy says it’s supposed to bring us pleasure.

So when we are not enjoying it, then we need to find a way to correct whatever issue is going on. So we shouldn’t be ashamed to discuss sex. Or should be shy to explain pleasure from sexual intercourse with one’s partner. So we’ll be talking about sexual dysfunction in female and erectile dysfunction in males and the role of cannabinoid in the management of sexual dysfunction. So what is really sexual dysfunction? What do we call when we say sexual dysfunction? What do, why do we use that name? The reason why we using that particular word, sexual dysfunction is because the manifestation of sexual dysfunction is different in man compared to women in man, it’s called erectile dysfunction. But in women, we cannot really call it erectile dysfunction because the men have penis where women have a vagina. So we’re gonna know, address it. The as sexual dysfunction, I know that.

Some people will be like, why does women have a sexual issue? We all have a sexual issue going on. But men and women affected the body. The way it’s expressed in man is totally different from the way it’s expressed in women. So you’re going to be talking about the way of expression of sexual dysfunction in women first. It can all call at any stage of life in women. It can manifest itself in lack of sexual desire. You just don’t feel like it or the inability to experience orgasm. Like I said earlier, saw a lot of women. We don’t want to admit that we are having problem in the bedroom. Sometimes people, women, they just fake it. They fake orgasm, I’ll call it fake it till you make it. Because they are, they’ve been made to believe that their role is to please the man.

So they don’t expect to experience pleasure from sex. So they just are faking to make the man feel better. This show don’t be at all. So it can also manifest itself in form of pain during intercourse. It’s supposed to be a pleasure, a routine. So when a women, when we started experiencing pain, then we might need to look into, What we need to do to relieve pain, something that is supposed to give your pleasure when it’s, you start experiencing pain, then there’s no fun in that anymore. So why do women experience problem concerning sex, sexual dysfunction in women? Why does it happen? Females are generally highly hormonal species. We go through different hormonal process at every stage of life. So from say like a two-year-old throwing a diva-like tantrum having an attitude, to when a woman or young lady gets to the teenage age, when you start having menstruation up to when you get to say like a higher like older in age menopausal women menopausal the hormonal changes flow trace ups and down.

So we are very highly hormonal people and as we go through this hormonal changes our body changes and the desire to have sex also changes as well. So as we go through life, us females or women, sexual dysfunction manifest itself during childbirth breastfeeding. There could be our low estrogen as a result of menopause all this can lead to a reduction of blood flow to the genital area. The vagina becomes thin, the lining of the vagina become thin. And when we are having intercourse, it can become pain, painful. All these are some of the issues that goes on that makes a woman to become unresponsive when it comes to sex. Other consists of a impotence because we can call it sexual dysfunction is also call impotency other causes of impotency in female could be psychological condition like depression and anxiety, which is higher in female compared to man and can also result in less desire to want to have sex, some medication like cancer or antidepressants.

Medication have also been implicated in a lack of wanting to have sex. Other Non-pharmacological management of a sexual dysfunction in female. Meaning what can we do as a woman to increase our desire to want to have sex. First thing to do is to communicate with one’s partner. I mean, you have a partner. I said, when we have a partner, we, should be free to say, this is what I’m going through. This is what I’m going through. And when you can find a ways to resolve the issue. Apart from communication with partners are not that way to help with the desire to have sex is live a healthy lifestyle. Like we also ask to exercise, a reduced alcohol consumption, just a genera healthy habits of life. Other than exercise and cutting down alcohol and all that.

Things like that. We can bring in a lubricant. There a lot of other ways to spice this up in the bedroom. Like partners can bring in toys, whatever works. I’ll be guys, like I said earlier, sex it’s supposed to be an enjoyable partner. And when one partner is not enjoying it, then there is no fun in that anymore. So for female we can also go through the pharmacological route after trying exercise, a lubricant, spicing things up. If those are not walking there are other pharmacological ways the impotency in women can be managed. One of the ways that is manages hormonal replacement therapy apart from pharmacological cherub did not have her HaBO hormone replacement therapy does. Some people do use but other than that there is what we call estrogen replacement, the estrogen women we have a lot of estrogen. The men, they have testosterone, more testosterone.

Where with women we normally have more estrogen. But as we grow older, this can reduce our body changes so we can replace that estrogen. When we replace the estrogen, it improves the vagina elasticity. That means it makes the vagina more flexible. It improves the tone vagina tone and blood disabled to flow better to that part of the buddy ball. When it comes to estrogen replacement therapy, the risk must be weighed against the benefit. Th hormonal replacement therapy generally they have to watch out for the underlying condition like cancer or heart. So for people in that population, they have to talk to their provider, and they provide will need to way. If the risk of using the medication outweighs the, if the benefit outweighs the risk. Some of the medication, the agent I use in women to have weight inputs and say, comes in vagina ring equal comes in creams, even comes in form.

Osphena is one of the product that is used that reduces pain during sex for female with vagina thinning the lining of the vagina when the vagina it’s lining is thinning. That causes pain during sex. So Osphena reduces the pain that comes with that. Another agent that is used is called ADI. And I was initially approved for depression. But is now used for female premenopausal women for reduced or lack of sexual desire, basically premenopausal women in younger women that have not gone through menopause. So for this kind of medication, Ada. It was initially approved for depression. So is probably gonna help people, not just for the impotency part, but be also female that have depression going on. Apart from that, we also have a androgen replacement therapy. When we talk about androgen replacement therapy, we are basically talking about testosterone level. In a man, they have higher testosterone but

We women also need testosterone when it comes to daily, not just for sex. So we can replace other androgen or testosterone replacement also in women, not just in men. The use of testosterone in females is controversial due to conflicting clinical studies that has been done. So it is also looking into using Viagra in women on anti-depressant called a SSRI selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, like Zoloft women on a product like Zoloft for depression studies are now looking into if they could use a female Viagra to help with impotency. Viagra on itself is a nitrate based drug and it’s not supposed to be using people that are on a nitroglycerin, nitrates for maybe chest pain or angina or heart attack. You know when people have angina, what happens is that there is less blood flow to the heart so they start having pain. If that is not control, then somebody can have a heart attack or stroke.

So if somebody is on an already on nitroglycerin for control of the chest pain, deal to angina, you want to avoid using product like the Viagra because Viagra and all those products they are also nitrate. So if you are using that, that could be too overdosing on the nitrate. The bottom line is to contact your provider, your primary physician to see what product would be best for you based on the disease state that is going on based on the underlying condition. So contact your physician for that. So we now go to erectile dysfunction in men, in men and women, erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, impotency, they manifest itself differently because a men and women are physiologically different. So we do not manifest, I mean men have penis, women, we have vagina. So we are totally different species. So the way we manifest not just in a sexual ways or other part of our lives is totally different.

In men sexual dysfunction is often described as a erectile dysfunction, which our so called E D. E D is an inability to have or sustain erection for a long period of time during intercourse. Sexual intercourse happens in man when is sexually stimulating message or sent to the brain, resulting in release of chemical called nitric oxide. This nitric oxide causes realization of the penis in now for blood to flow through the penile area. So basically what’s going on is that there is a chemical that is released from our brain called nitric oxide. This chemical helps allows blood to flow to the penis which causes erection. During erection there is this true spongy tissue surrounding the Pinot area called the corpora cavernosa. What it does is that it shut off the blood vessel that normally drains blood away from the penis. So when the corpora cavernosa shut off the blood draining vessels then the penis is able to fill with blood and causes erection to occur.

So how does ED, how does the manifest itself? ED normally occurs when there is decreased production of nitric oxide. When there is decreasing production of nitric oxide, the blood is unable to fill the penile area so the ration is not sustainable. So apart from reduced nitric oxide, causing E D other causes of ED is what we call reactive oxygen species. The reactive oxygen species. These are chemicals that we call vessel constrictor. What vessel constrictor do is they squeeze the artery. The blood vessels dives bring in blood through the penile area. There squeezes so much so the blood is not able to fill the penile area and erection if man is unable to have a erection. Apart from that, the reactive oxygen species is being implicated in many disease days in fact. It’s really been said to be the main cause of aging in people and a lot of the anti-aging products, they use mechanisms to reduce the production of this reactive oxygen species. Other than the chemicals that is produced in the brain ED can also be due to organic or psychological, social habit issue going on in our social orbit. ED resulting from issue with blood flow, nerves, and hormonal conditions is called organic erectile dysfunction.

One is due to psychological condition, maybe our state of mind of somebody that is what we call psychological aging. Basically sex is a mental thing. When we are having problem with our state of mind, then that will be due to psychological condition. When it’s due to organic situation, when organic situation means lack of blood flow, the issue with the nerves issue with the hormonal condition then that will be organic in nature. And also when it’s due to our social hobby like smoking, drinking, that will be based on that. The social issue when it comes to the psychological path, basically like I said, sex is a mind game. So for example, if a man or a woman is no longer attracted to their partner, it will be a very, very difficult for for the man or the woman to be aroused because you are not a, you don’t want to be intimate with this person.

So that could cause some kind of psychological erectile dysfunction. It’s not like the man is really having problem. It’s just that you are not attracted to this person anymore. Other causes for ed could be drugs, drugs, causes, less blood flow can cause aggravates a erectile issue. For example, diuretics like laces, this are blood, medications that we use to remove fluid from the body. Say somebody is having like a heart failure or things like that, we give them aces to help with that with your situation to get rid of fluid. So a medication like that can causes less blood flow to the penile area, resulting in erectile dysfunction. For this kind of medication, the provider can decide to switch it from medication that is really, really affecting aggravating or increasing the side effect to have a E D like side effects to the medication that will have less side effects that will affect sexual functions. Other risk factors for erectile dysfunction is high cholesterol.

High cholesterol has been implicated not just in sexual dysfunction but in a lot of other other medical condition. When there is plaque buildup in the arteries and veins. This is called atherosclerosis. I’m sure some of us have heard about it. Atherosclerosis is a, basically the fats is a building up in the vessels, in the blood vessels, like the arteries and the veins. So when there is a buildup of this plaque, this prevents blood to flow freely, not just to the penile area to other part of our body. That’s why people sometimes have a cardiac arrest because there is less blood flowing to to, it could be the heart. It could be the brain. So high cholesterol is a major factor or in erectile dysfunction as well. So ED that is due to psychological condition such as depression, tiredness, performance anxiety, low thyroid level or mental disorder.

Those are easily manage. You can, they can manage those easily. All we need to do, if you are, have a performance anxiety one can go for counseling. If it’s depression on one can treat all those underlying condition. But organic E D due to organic in nature, like the ones due to maybe they saw a problem with the hormones or nerves. Those are a lot difficult to manage. For people that have less blood flow to the penile area deal to what we call atherosclerosis like GLAAD Budo. If this condition is not managed, this could lead to permanent erectile dysfunction. So for high cholesterol we want to make sure it’s treated because if not treated equal totally block, not just cause permanent erectile dysfunction on like I said, has been implicated in cardiac situation like strokes heart attack, just to mention a few. So if this atherosclerosis is not managed, it could cause total blockage of the blood vessels and lead to permanent erectile dysfunction.

So how do we manage ED a man? For man fostering, we want to do is exercise. With testosterone level decreases as we grow older. So first we need to, they need to exercise. Other than that can have a psychological constantly to deal with. Maybe stress, anxiety, depression, all those can be taken care of. But in a situation where we don’t exercise non-pharmacological ways have been employed people are still having problem. Then we start to look into medication that can help. So what medication can we use to treat erectile dysfunction? The main medication that I use are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Avanafil just to mention a few. So how does this medication work? Earlier I mentioned nitric oxide. These are chemicals. What they do is they are relaxing the muscles surrounding the penis. This allow blood to flow through the to the penis which causes erection.

After you have sexual stimulation, I mean erection is not going to happen if a man is wanting to have sex and you don’t have a woman or you are not attracted to the woman. So we still have to have sexual stimulation for the erection to happen. But what the nitric oxide does is relaxing the muscle to allow blood to flow. So how does via drugs like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra how do they work? What they do is they improve the effects of the nitric oxide. That has been allowing the blood to flow. So when they enhances the effects of this nitric oxide, more blood is easily flow to the penile area. So for people that don’t have enough nitric oxide, when you supplement it with Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, what that does is improves the flow of blood to the penis. So for products like that is actually for people that have problem with erection, like I said, this has to do with blood flow.

So this is for people that have erectile dysfunction, you still also need the stimulant to be able to get it to work. So the side effects of Viagra, Cialis, and products in that family decide if it’s a headache, you have a vision problem. It could be upset stomach, fainting, dizziness, but is because it’s a nitrate product. It’s contraindicated in people that have chest pain using nitroglycerin for chest pain. When I say contraindicated, ideally people that have like angina, which is chest pain and they are using nitrate or nitroglycerin, they are not supposed to use Viagra. Like I explained earlier, this Viagra and Cialis, all those nitrates products. So when you are already using nitrates in form of nitroglycerin, that could mean you are using too much of that medication. And what that does is that the nitrates is a blood pressure medicine too. It helps lower your blood pressure, so when you use too much of it you can have what we call syncope, which means feeling of fainting, dizziness.

And that might also be part of why people have headaches. So one has to be very careful when using those products. Other than the nitrate product in form of Cialis and Viagra the other treatment that people can use is a testosterone replacement. So the testosterone with low testosterone, we can use agent like Androgen, testosterone, sip unit, those come in form of gel. They come in patches. They come in form of injection, did supernate injectable testosterone dye. You can inject the, the provider can inject it, some men have learned how to use it too. But the problem with this product is that if children or women comes in contact with it, they start having the same effect as the man. So children can start growing secondary male characteristics like beards and things like that. So you want know tasty keep it out of reach of children.

When you are using your testosterone product and you also want to cover the application side most time when is the gel, they’ll ask you to apply it on that the armpit and try to cover it because you don’t want it to, to rub it on the female or the children to get in touch with it. They start developing male characteristics. So up when, Oh, you have tried when we have tried like the topical product or the injectable product, like the Cipro nets and we still have a problem other product that we use can be a little bit invasive. When I say invasive, Danny has to apply it in no special like an implant. So one of the other product that can be used is called intraurethral agent. This goes into the urethra in form of our pro Studyo muse. They call him M U S E that is intraurethral product.

These are more invasive product. Other than that they also have intra cover noser. Like I say, couples cover Nossa. That is the main part where the blood is moving. That is the muscle that is surrounding the spongey muscle surrounding the penis. So what they do is they can inject the what with a medication called alprostadil inside dark cover Nossa to help them relate erection and the products available. There’s a cover jets and edicts or are done those. The more invasive one are the medical devices, we have what we call a vacuum erection devices, the vacuum erection devices for elderly population. This is mostly first line for for the elderly population and it will make sense because some of our elderly population, they have low sometimes they can have high blood pressure or sometime they are on nitrates already, so in that situation you don’t want to put them on order nitrate product so they can use these vacuum erection devices.

They are. The only caveat to this product is that is starts slow. It doesn’t work as fast as other products, so it’s actually a really better for people that have stable partner that can understand that, Oh we’re going to have to wait a little bit for it to work. So for VED is better to have a stable partner. Also, VED is a second line of therapy for younger patients after they have tried the oral or the oral medication like the Viagra is not working. A younger patient can also use the V E D product, which is vacuum erection devices for VED product. If a D op pro deal does a, a drug is used with it, it improves the response rates, it works better if a prostedeal is use. This product is not advised in people with sickle cell disease and it’s also has to be very cautious when for people that are on warfarin, they have to be very careful when they are using VED because there is a risk of what we call priapism priapism is a form of prolonged erection.

They don’t really know why. What causes that, just know that it could happen in some patient. Basically you have an erection and can be very, very painful. It just prolonged, it takes a long time for the erection to go away. Sometimes they might be a medical emergency individual might have to go to, to the ER and see a doctor to take care of the so for people on warfarin. You wanna be careful with that product. So for people that have used all these sort of products, SSI, if you use pharmacological product, use devices, medical devices and one is they have an problem with impotency. What ways? What are the studies that we have about role of cannabinoid cannabis in the management or for sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction? One of the other ways to avoid permanent erectile dysfunction is to reduce the oxidative stress or reactive oxidative stress those chemicals in their penis.

Because what this chemical reactive oxidative stress, like I said earlier, what they do is cost concentration. They squeeze the vessels and prevent loss from flowing. The cannabinoid system has been shown to reduce inflammation, obesity and plaque buildup in the arteries. That is the plaque buildup is a atherosclerosis and they are also being SIA used to reduce erectile dysfunction. Studies have shown that the cannabinoid system helps to reduce inflammation because apart from all this chemical walking there, inflammation is also going on as well. According to the article published in the journal of immunology research, studies have showed that the endocannabinoid system and Nandi might cause this realization of the couple’s cover notion. Probably through the CB one receptor. A Nanda mind is the agent that is produced in our body from the endocannabinoid system. If you listen to episode on the endocannabinoid system, I would advise that you go back and listen to it.

Andaminide is the THC like product that is produced normally by our body. So it works like THC is similar to THC and our studies have shown that this a Nandi mind. It causes realization of decouples cover no. Some. So when the couple’s governor is relaxed then blood flow is elite to the penal area, so blood can flow freely to the penile area. Studies also shows that both CB1 and CB2 receptor activation of those receptors or it causes realization or couples cover nauseum in rabbit. Basically CB1 is where the THC binds to. I said B two receptor is where CBD binds to. So when the studies was done in rad, they saw that CBD like products and THC like product. The cost is realization of this Corpus cavernosum in rabbits. I want couples [inaudible] is realized, blood can flow bed to the penile area.

It was also observed that when Anandamide was blocked, the Corpus cavernosum of human and higher animal were unable to relax, resulting in less blood flow to the penile area. So like I said, a nine day mine is similar to THC. So when they block Anandamide my, when they remove an Andy of mine, Dan, there was less blood flow to the Corpus cavernosum, which means there will be a problem with the way the penile area having enough blood to that part of the body. Earlier we talk about how plaque buildup can reduce blood flow, not just to the vessels carrying blood to the penis, but also the vessels carrying blood to all over the body. So studies shows that CBD, like product was shown to protect the arteries in mice by improving the intraplaque inflammation. Basically what it does is reduce inflammation, drill to plaque in, in mice, thereby allowing more blood to flow to the penile area.

CBD is being shown to have over 10 times anti-inflammatory properties compared to product like ibuprofen, Naproxen, and three times better anti-inflammatory properties compared to a product like steroids. These are the main product that we use to treat inflammation. And CBD is been shown to be 10 times better than our main product. So when your inflammation has been implicated in almost all the diseases. So CBD is been shown to help reduce inflammation 10 times better than and said nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug and three times better than steroids. And steroid is like the last line when we are dealing with pain, inflammation and when they start giving you a steroid injection, than that’s a serious issue going on. So with notice that studies are shown that CBD is three times better than even the steroid that we see as our big guns in treating inflammation on pain.

So clinical studies that they also are perform on a on mice also shows that the CBD reduce the reactive or sedative stress. And reduce the fibrosis in mice with a high cholesterol. Basically these mice with high cholesterol when it was given the CBD like agent, it reduced the reactive or sedative stress. Those chemicals are, like I said, have been implicated in almost everything aging and CBD was shown to reduce it. This chemical that is causing plaque buildup in the blood vessel. Also CBD has also been shown to increase nitric oxide production in the penile area of mice, so it reduces the reactive or sedative species. Chemical that is causing the concentration, but it also improve increase the, the chemicals that is causing relaxation and allowing blood to flow better. Also in some of the clinical studies that was done which was found that the collagen deposition in Corpus cavernosum was reduced.

Basically it was going on is that you don’t just have this chemical squeezing on the vessels. You also have collagens plaque building up in the vessel and CBD agent have been shown to reduce the collagen buildup. Apart from that, the clinical studies also showed that CBD agent for it protects the penile function a stretcher. It again destruction from high cholesterol. So is protecting penile area, the penis from a high cholesterol, and it’s also removing the reactive oxygen species and also increasing the nitric oxide that is helping with the realization of the vessels which allows blood to flow better. Other studies are, didn’t just show this process going on in in mice are Anandamide which is THC like product was shown to realize a corpus cavernosum interact. They also shows cannabinoid in the penile areas of human was was shown to relax by Anandamide.

Mine and studies also showed that CBD agent improves sexual functions in the penile areas of mice. Other than those are studies. Other studies that was done also shows the plant derived CBD due to the presence of interaugent effect and other anti-oxidant are found in the plan can act as a ROS that’s in reactive oxygen species carving. Just basically what they do is they remove the reactive oxygen species from the blood vessels and allowed the relaxation of the penile area so blood can flow better. More studies is absolutely necessary to actually know the absolute effect of the CBD, THC, the cannabinoids in the, in the management of erectile dysfunction. Both from all the clinical trials that has been done so far on mice on rabbit is be sure that the cannabinoids they reduce the ROS reactive oxygen species. Whereby reducing inflammation in the in the blood vessels surrounding the penis they act as a ROS carving removing this ROS that will allow a better blood flow.

They increased the nitric oxide which helps to improve blood flow to the penile area. They also can reduce inflammation. Inflammation causes swelling. So they use their anti-inflammatory properties, which is 10 times better than the agents that we have in the market to help in the blood flow. So more studies actually needs to be done, especially we are beginning to see so many people coming into the pharmacy with a symptoms of erectile dysfunction. I mean younger, younger population are becoming affected by this. This is more, more, and it will make sense because a lot of people are on medication and some of this medication there are side effects, erectile dysfunction and also the environmental factors or the environmental factor. When you put everything together it will make sense. Yeah. People are experiencing erectile dysfunction more and because of the MRIs and the shame that is attached.

People don’t want to discuss this. So a lot of studies need to be done in this area with cannabinoid and cannabinoid effect. Thank you so much for today, for hanging out. I do appreciate you guys. We now for those of you that already subscribed, so we are very, very appreciative of that for those that are yet to subscribe. We now have a, a direct subscription buttons on our websites where you can just go to the website, there is the subscription page, a page totally devoted to do the subscription on. When you click on that button, you will have a drop down that you can choose which of the podcast platform you would like to subscribe through. And also we also have a link to the page where you can support the show by donating. So you can go to the website, wci-health to subscribe to the show if you have not done so. We also have appreciate your feedback and review. For those of you that already subscribed, please, if you have a little time, give a review on the Apple podcast or any other podcast platform that you’re using. Please give us a review on that. Finally, if you have any suggestions on how we can improve this show, please leave us a message on the website and until next time. Remember health equals wealth.

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