#015: Let’s Talk Terpenes – MYRCENE

In the cannabinoid space, I really believe that education is the key. That’s why I started this show to provide evidence-based materials about cannabinoids so that you can make educated decisions about the products you put in your body.

Initially, we thought that terpenes were simply the fragrance of a plant, and maybe they also helped to ward off a predatory attack on the plant. We identify terpenes by their smells. For example, lavender, lemon, ginger, and garlic are all identified and described differently based on their scent. But there’s even more to terpenes than their smell.

Studies have shown that 30% of smoked cannabis contains terpenes. Today I’m focusing on myrcene, which I like to think of as the grandfather of all the terpenes. It’s like the building block for many of the other terpenes, and it’s similar to mango. I share some of its traits, and which strain of cannabinoid it’s found in.

I’ve talked a lot about the anti-inflammatory properties before. With 10 times the power of traditional pharmaceutics, cannabinoid-based products show a lot of promise for those patients who need pain management and who want to avoid opioids. But we need more studies to prove the efficacy of cannabinoid-based products!

Nature has already given us what we need to live a healthy life. Our new Gloze beauty line is finally here, and lets you treat your outer body with the healing power of botanicals. Be sure and check out the new products on our website.

What’s Inside:​

  • What is a terpene and where is it found?
  • How to identify the Indica strain of cannabinoid.
  • How myrcene impacts inflammation in the body.
  • Why you must be careful mixing mango and any product with myrcene in it.

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Hey, guys. Welcome to another episode of Let’s Talk About Medical Cannabis with Dr. O. I’m so glad you able to join me again today. Dr. Lola Ohanba, your host today. I am the founder and CEO of WCI Health. At WCI Health, we help people get and stay well. Before we go on today, I would like to say thank you. Thank you, first of all, to you guys. Thank you so much without you I just can’t even think of doing this. When I started this podcast, I was stepping out of my comfort zone. You guys have motivated me up to this time. And I want to say thank you to all of you our subscribers, our sponsors. I want to say thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Yeah. Before we go on, let’s have a minor housecleaning. This show is for educational purposes and should not be taking as medical advice. For all your medical needs, make sure you consult with your physician. Cannabinoid botanicals generally they are not FDA approved for all your supplements. You have to reach out to your provider for counsel. So do not stop taking any supplement medication including cannabinoid product without talking to your provider.

So today’s show is sponsored by WCI Health. At WCI Health, we help people get and stay well using the healing powers of botanical such as cannabinoids. So for all your hemp derived botanical high quality product, head straight to our web site, WCI-Health.com. That’s where you will find all your high-quality hemp derived and other botanical products.

part from that, I like to say thank you to our patrons. Our patreons are the people supporting us financially to keep this show going. In the cannabinoid space, I believe education is the key. Part of why I started this show is to help to remove the stigma, the negative stigma surrounding cannabinoid and botanical generally. And that is by providing evidence base education materials.

So without you, our sponsor, patreons, we are unable to do this. I would like to say thank you to our patrdeon for your support. We really do appreciate that so much. But if you are yet to join our patreon group, please do so. You can find all the information on how to join the patreon on our Web site, WCI-Health.com.

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So Anagin is one of the chemicals that is found in your organic pea sprout. It’s said to be rich in restorative protein. It’s also rich in starch and fiber. So what does this product do for you? How is this Anagin, oh, is that another product. No, no, no, no. What is the benefit of this product? How is it going to work for you? Anagin works by promoting growth. It promotes growth, it promotes fuller hair. So this is a leave in product. It’s kind of a leave in conditioner. And what is it going to do for you?

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So that’s about our feature product. Thank you, guys. I know you’re still hanging out here. Thank you so much. On today’s show, we’re going to be talking about this new series that we are starting, it’s called let’s talk Terpenes. So people are wondering, oh, what is terpenes?

What is that? Again, terpenes is part of botanical chemicals that is found not just in cannabis, but it’s also found in every botanical plant. What is terpenes? Terpenes are over two hundred thousand different compounds that are found in botanicals. So what are botanicals? Basically, botanical are just your plants. They are your organic plant like your ginger, your garlic, and cannabinoids and hemp. They all contain terpenes. So what are terpenes? What do they do?

Initially we used to think terpenes have aroma. They are fragrance. They are the smell. The smell that you found in your garlic. That smell that you’re find in ginger. Even the smell that you find in your cannabis and cannabinoids? They are all from terpenes and I know people will be like, Whoa, Dr. O.

What are you meaning? What do you mean by the smell of cannabis is due to terpene? Yes. Every organic plants that we find in nature, terpenes are responsible for the smell that we find. So what has that got to do with me? How is that going to benefit my life, you know?

Well, terpenes initially we thought they were just aromatic smell. They are just for the smell of it. They just the fragrance. But we are now finding out that the terpene, they’re not just there as a fragrance or as is that nice or disgusting smell as the case may be. They’re not just there for the smell of the plant.

Initially, we thought it was supposed to help prevent a predatory attack to the plant. Plants were believed to use terpenes as a way of wading off a bad guy. So, you know, we used to think terpenes are deterrent for the plants, just a way to defend themselves. They definitely do that. We have seen studies have shown that they are not just a deterrent to protect the plants and the botanicals, but they also have medicinal properties that we humans, we Earthlings, we at least can take advantage of this medicinal properties that we have in in in terpenes.

So like I said, we have over 200000 of various toppings and not of all these 200 thousands, about at least 200 of this top are found in cannabis and cannabinoids. The studies have shown that 30% of the cannabis that is smoked contained terpenes. 30 percent of your smoked cannabis is made up of terpenes and terpenes are differentiated by different smells. You have your lavender. Those findings in a in a botanical like lemony. Like lemon, you have a terpenoid. You have your beta carotene. We have myrcene. We have various, various terpenes and these terpenes they perform their duties by the predominant strain.

The level of a particular terpene in your botanical that is going to determine the medicinal properties of that botanical. It’s also going to determine the strain of your cannabinoids or cannabis. Say like you are going to the store to pick up your cannabinoid. They say if you have, say 50 percent myrcene as your terpen and there is five percent linolel, then your terpen in is going on.

The characteristic medicinal properties that you’re gonna have from using that particular botanical is gonna be based on that myrcene with a 50 percent. The terpenes have also been shown to be the difference between your single molecule compound and the botanicals. When I’m talking about botanicals, I’m just talking about all natural product, all natural plants, including cannabis and cannabinoids.

When you look at a single molecule, say dronabinol. Dronabinol is a drug that we use in the pharmacy to help in the management of nausea and vomiting for HIV AIDS patients. We use it to help with weight loss in HIV AIDS patient and in the patient suffering from cancer and that they go through chemo, we used dronabinol to help in the management of nausea and vomiting that is due to chemo. So dronabinol is a single molecule, cannabinoid based that is manufactured in the lab. So these are just single molecule, they are a kind of cannabis and cannabinoid, but they are single molecule.

The difference between a single molecule and your broad spectrum, or the whole natural plant is part of the difference is the terpene and other botanicals compounds that are found like the phenol, your essential or your aromatic compounds. All these are combined together to give a natural product botanical their uniqueness. That’s why you’re unable to reciprocate the effect of say cannabis. Your traditional regular natural cannabis product. You cannot compare it to a single molecule, why? Because there is terpene. There’s something we call the entourage effect. All the phenyl, the flavonoid, the aromatic compound, your terpenes which your cannabinoids, they work together in an entourage effect.

So it’s like one is a thousand. This is how I will normally explain it to people. One which is a thousand, like in the Biblical passage which says, one which is a thousand, two which is ten thousand. So we have at least two hundred terpenes working in a cannabinoid with the phenol, with your flavonoid. All these working together to produce a uniqueness in your natural product, in your broad spectrum product that you cannot see in a single molecule like dronabinol. So when we talk about botanicals, when we talk about cannabis and cannabinoid, even you talk about your ginger, your garlic, your orange. The smell coming from your orange is due to toppings, the smell coming from your watermelon is due to terpene. Eucalyptus oil, these are terpenes.

So when you talk about natural product botanical, you are talking about the active ingredient in the case of cannabis. You have your cannabinoids, different forms of it. Then you add your terpenes to it, then you add your phenols to it. Then you add your essential oils to it. Then you had your flavonoid. All these are coming together to form what we call the entourage effect. Like I said, I explained it as one which is in a thousand. Imagine what these multiple compounds is going to change. They all have their uniqueness that it brings to the table. That is why I say nature already given to us what we need to live a healthy life.

So it’s left for us to see if we are going to take advantage of nature or not. That is entourage effect in a nutshell. Like I said, the ratio of all your terpenes in your botanical. That’s what determines the potency of that botanical. That’s what determines the smells of the botanical. That’s also what determines the medicinal properties of that Botanical. Say, take one of your cannabinoids, the predominant toppings isgonna determine, the smell is gonna determine the medicinal properties and it’s also gonna determine how important that particular product is going to be.

On today’s show, that’s just our summary of what terpenes are. So today we’ll be looking at a specific terpene briefly that is called myrcene. What is myrcene? Myrcene is spelled M-Y-R-C-E-N-E. Myrcene, the ENE, that is aromatic phenyl. That is a phenyl that you’ll find in your botanical. And what do they do? They give that smell. So what is myrcene. Myrcene, when you’re talking about myrcene, I want you to think of your mango. You think of your harp, you think of the musky smell that is from your bay, thyme, lemongrass time, and it’s also commonly found in botanicals like cannabis.

Your myrcene, this is the highest numbers of terpene. It’s kind of like the grandfather of the terpene. It’s mostly found in the Indica brand of cannabinoids. And when you have greater than zero-point five percent of myrcene it’s said to be the Indica strains of your cannabinoid. So what does that do? What is that gonna do for an average person? How is that related to medicinal cannabinoid? So when you have greater than zero point five percent of myrcene, think of Indica and what does the Indica do? The Indicus specie is known for a sedative property. That kind of your couch looks syndrome phenomena. That is what the Indica specie is.

I’m gonna go into how we can use it towards the end of this show. So that is what the Indicus Specie is. So when you have less than zero point five percent of the myrcene, then you think of your sativa. What does the sativa species of cannabinoid do? The sativa species of your cannabinoid, it’s what is going to bring in the energy. So when you’re talking about Indica and Sativa, you’re going to think about what effect do I want to gain from this? Is it like I’m not able to sleep at night? If you are not able to sleep, you need something to relax, you need something for your sleep, then you’re going to be looking towards the Indica botanicals with the Indica as dominant, which is gonna give you that sedative properties.

Then in that state, you’re going to be looking for myrcene in the range greater than zero-point five percent of that particular botanical. When you’re talking about energy, it’s time to go to work. It’s time to get out there or exercise, dance like that. Now, you’re gonna be looking for a myrcene less than zero point five. That is where the potency of each botanical comes in. Based on the level of myrcene that you find in there. So also myrcene also said to act as the raw material for the production of the other terpene.

Basically, like I said, it’s the grandfather of all the terpenes. The other terpenes is said to be derived from myrcene. So this is like a foundational product. What do we use myrcene for? What are the uses of myrcene? How can we use it? Myrcene is said to have a sedative properties. What does the sedative properties do for you? They sedative properties is going to help you sleep, it’s going to help with muscle relaxation. And it’s also gonna help with an analgesia, which is pain. When we talk about analgesia, you think about your pain, like Tylenol for pain. Analgesic, that’s what Tylenols and all those kinds of products. So we’re looking at when you want to pick your botanical, you want to look for botanical with myrcene. If it’s for sedation, greater than zero point five percent.

What other what other uses can we have when we talk about mycene, we talk of anti-inflammatory properties. You guys have heard me beat that to death. You’ve heard me talk about anti-inflammatory property. Studies have shown that a lot of diseases or ailments that we go through is directly or indirectly due to an inflammation, cancer, all kind of stuff. Part of the reason why we go through this is due to inflammation. So this myrcene is also said or have anti-inflammatory properties. So basically, when you’re talking about a time for May trip agents, you think about your ibuprofen. And when you have a cannabinoid with myrcene in it, cannabinoid already said to have 10 times anti-inflammatory properties of traditional pharmaceutics like ibuprofen.

You’re looking at traditional pharmaceutics. Then you have cannabinoid that has 10 times anti inflammation of properties of your ibuprofen. I mean, which one will you choose? Of course, senses would tell us definitely you want to choose the one with ten percent anti-inflammatory properties. You’re going to have a faster activation and faster relief from that. But most of the time we are unable to do it because of prohibition of cannabis. But we have hemp derived product like the one I just talked about, how our hair grow leave in with Anagin. These are hemp derived product. These you can get from over the counter. This is when the hemp bill was passed earlier, sometime in 2018. This gave us the opportunity to be able to buy hemp product.

You can get some of this product from our website and over the counter in other stores as well. But, at the same time you want to know the source. You want to know whatever you are putting in your body. You want to know where it’s coming from. Other than pain and inflammation, you can also uses this botanical agent myrcene in the management of neurological conditions such as epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease. Studies have shown that this myrcene can help with neurological condition.

So what else do I want you to know about myrcene? So the Endeca strains of the cannabinoid it’s been said because your myrcene is found in mango. Predominantly in mango and other botanical, like I said earlier in thyme, lemongrass.

So when you take your cannabinoid that is rich in the Indicus specie, which has greater than zero point five percent of myrcene, it has a lot of myrcene in it. Care must be taken because this Indica, when you combine it with mango, which also has myrcene terpene in it, can increase the effect of your cannabinoids. The potency of your cannabis can be increased. So when you are taking your mango, you probably don’t want to take your Indica brand of cannabinoid with a mango because you can increase the effect of that cannabinoid.

Other than that, the other thing I want to talk about is, according to a study that was done by Dr. Ethan Russell, it says that myrcene has been shown to have a peri living properties similar to opium with less side effects. What does that mean? This botanical agent called myrcene, studies have shown that it has the analgesic appearing live in property that is similar to opioid. Why do I mean? When we talk about opioid, we’re talking about your fentanyl, your OxyContin, your oxycodone. So these studies are shown that myrcene has a pair live in property that is similar to this opioid, but with less side effects. Like the opiate addiction that is seen in traditional opium, like oxycodone, fentanyl and the rest of them.

How does this help us? It helps us because then we have a product that is having similar effect to the agent that we are using right now that is causing opioid addiction. So many people have died from opioid addiction. So if we have a product that is causing less side effect, it’s not as addictive. And it has similar properties as the agent we are using now, common sense will tell us that then we need to start moving from the negative one that is causing opioid addiction and causing destruction in our society to a more natural helpful product. So I think a product like terpene, this terpene myrcene, it’s going to be useful. Introducing it into products that will be able to help with management of pain.

But at the same time, more studies need to be done. We need more studies in the botanical and in the cannabinoid space. So we are calling again on the classification of cannabinoid, cannabis and cannabinoids on botanical generally from schedule one to a lower schedule.

I mean, for generations people use these botanicals. How you went from being used for almost everything on the planet. Even Queen Victoria’s of England was said to have used cannabinoid based product to manage menstrual pain. Oh, doctors. Eli Lilly. Pharmaceutical companies. Back in the days were said to have used this product cannabinoid and compounded this cannabinoid and sell it in their offices for various ailments, including pain. So how do we go from it being used for everything and almost anything under the sun to being the most dangerous drug on the planet?

The powers that be. We are calling on you again to take a second look. Let us have clinical studies. More medical studies is needed. Anyway, that’s our show today. I’m so glad you are here with me again. Feature product is Gloze hemp hair growth with Anagin..

Anagin is gonna help with your hair growth. It’s gonna make your hair fuller and it’s gonna make the hair shine more. So for all our lines, our Gloze beauty lines, head straight to our website. WCI-Health.com. For your hemp derived product, as well as your Gloze beauty line of beauty care. Thank you so much guys for joining me. For those of you that have yet to join our patreon, please do so.

For those of you that are yet to subscribe to this show, I need you guys to subscribe to this show. We need you. We need you. We need you. Subscribe to the show. Also, for those of you that follow me on IGTV, you know I have my series now where you can get some of the content that I present in the podcast is by you following me on IGTV. So I have the IGTV where I have this series, Let’s Talk Cannabinoid and my new series is Let’s Talk Terpenes.

So you want to follow me on IGTV. My handle on IGTV is WCIHealth19. WCIHealth19.

So thank you guys so much. I’m so, so grateful that you’ll hang around till the end. And like I always say. I know it is so tough out there. It’s just crazy, crazy, crazy what people are going through. But at the same time, we cannot give up. We got to keep going. Talk to your family. Talk to your friends. Even when your social media connection. They are part of your extended family. If you feel down, it’s okay. We all are going through so much already. So reach out to somebody, talk to somebody. We are all in this together.

So I want to say hang in there. Tough time, never lasts. Tough people do. Until next time, Remember, remember. Remember your health is equal to your wealth. Thank you so much. God love you guys. Have a wonderful week.


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