WCI Health, LLC is a health and wellness company created to address the misconceptions surrounding hemp-derived CBD, cannabinoids, and the cannabis plant. We specialize in selling broad-spectrum, plant-derived, hemp-based CBD products with THC ranging from 0-0.3%. Our team also teaches people through our online platform about the health benefits of using cannabidiol products.

Like other botanical plants, cannabis and cannabinoid plants have been around for generations and used as supplements for various conditions. With the recent passing of the farm bill in Congress, there has been a massive increase in the number of platforms now selling CBD and hemp-based products online.

With such a vast expansion of the cannabis industry comes an even more urgent demand for trained professionals to assist us in navigating the emerging CBD and medical cannabis market. Doctor Lola is one of those trained professionals who is now able to offer such guidance by providing us with her evidence-based data and lectures.

Such data undoubtedly helps people make a well educated choice for their health and wellness needs and takes the guess work out of trying to decide what type of cannabis you should buy. At WCI Health we sincerely believe that prevention is better than cure, which is why we have set out on a journey to share our knowledge and expertise with you. It is our hope that your cannabis choices based on the educational material and scientific data found within our site will make for your smoother transition to better health in the long run.

Our Mission Statement & Vision

Our aim is to bring alternative health and wellness options to people through our education programs. Our series of podcasts and videos highlight the potential advantages of using CBD and other cannabinoid products for your health and well being. Our highly skilled clinical professional Doctor Lola Ohonba presents lectures that are easy to understand so that her entire audience feels enriched with valuable knowledge about alternative therapies within the cannabinoid healing world.

 In addition, we hope to bring simplicity to the cannabis industry. We will achieve this by delivering facts and eliminating the myths surrounding the marijuana plant, CBD, terpenes, and other medicinal cannabinoids.


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