Is Hemp-Derived CBD Extract My Ticket to a Full Night Sleep?

Is there anything as frustrating as feeling tired and exhausted, but being unable to sleep? Well, surely you might say that it’s a common occurrence. Although it’s a common occurrence, it’s definitely not fun for the person that lies down in a comfy bed after a hard day’s work and stayed awake for half of the night.

Acute insomnia affects all of us at one time or the other in our lives. Sometimes acute insomnia is due to life’s stressors such as bad news or worrying over our day to day activities. Some clinicians recommend lifestyle changes such as exercise, maintaining regular sleep schedule and avoiding caffeinated drinks close to bedtime as a first line for management of insomnia. Some clinicians also recommend over the counter (OTC) or prescription sleep aid (which often have unbearable side effects) for people whenever lifestyle modifications is ineffective.

For those that have tried lifestyle modifications, or would rather not “pop pills” every night, sleep CBD Extract made in Florida, USA by WCI health LLC might be your ticket to a full night’s sleep. At WCI health, we help people get and stay well using the healing power of botanical such as cannabinoids.


Insomnia or sleep deprivation, may be chronic or acute, depending on individual’s circumstances. Sleep deprivation is said to be associated with irritability, fatigue, anxiety and lack of concentration. Even worse, sleep deprivation can lead to lack of coordination (especially in the elderly resulting in physical injury), severe heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes among others.

Considering how important sleep is to human body, WCI Health LLC came up with their high-quality Sleep CBD Extract to not just help you fall asleep, but to wake up refresh, well rested without the grogginess often seen in most OTC and prescription sleep aids. What’s more, this product and other Cannabidiol supplements are available in their online store at for easy access not just for their US-based customers, but also for customers all over the World.

WCI health’s sleep CBD extract is comprised of the HempFusion’s Whole Food Hemp Complex with GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) to support a balanced endocannabinoid system (ECS) and promotes the healthy, restful sleep so critical to good health. GABA is incorporated into our sleep formula because GABA is an important amino acid found naturally in the brain shown to reduce the tension around our nervous system, thereby promoting relaxation and sleep.

Apart from Sleep CBD Extract, you can also get the HempFusion sleep CBD Full spectrum hemp extract with PharmaGABA and varieties of Terpenes for the whole cannabis plant experience. Products from WCI health are manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) environment using naturally occurring plant-based minerals and chemicals, including Omega seeds and terpenes (both of which are extracted from the Hemp oil) to optimize its effects.

If you are eager to try out one of these products for a restful sleep-day, be our guests and we guarantee you’ll sleep like a baby. For the list of all our earth-friendly products, including our new Hemp-derived CBD-infused skin care products, visit us on the web TODAY!

Lola Ohonba, PHARM.D., (Clinical Pharmacist, Certified Medical Cannabis Specialist)

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