What are Cannabidiol supplements?

Cannabidiol (CBD) as I’m sure we all know by now, is a magical substance to have been gifted to us by nature. The possibilities of this botanical are limitless! That is why it is our mission, here at WCI Health to not just educate you about the benefit of this amazing compound, but also sell high-quality form of Cannabidiol supplements to you our customers. Cannabidiol supplement will not only help boost your energy, but also help you to get a restful sleep without the grogginess that’s often seen in other traditional sleep aids. We choose to spend our time and energy on researching the benefit of botanicals, especially cannabidiol in order to give you our valuable customers, the tools that you need to make an informed decision when it comes to your health and well-being.

Stress, sleeplessness or insomnia, anxiety, pain in your joints (arthritis), and obesity are some of the problems that Cannabidiol can help alleviate. At WCI Health, we help you, our customers understand and appreciate the benefits of botanical substance not just for your physical body, but also your emotional and mental wellness.

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I’m sure we’ve all walked into gas stations recently, and right in front of us, there’s cannabidiol supplements for sale. How can we prove that the cannabidiol being sold at every corner store, including gas station are safe for consumption? This is the reason why we created WCI Health. We want you to be rest assured that what you’re putting in your body is manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice environment.

The key pillar of our business is our belief that knowledge is power. That is why we leave no stone unturned to bring you products that has been well vetted and meet our gold standard which is set really high. Our Cannabidiol supplements helps enhances your physical abilities and mental cognition in a way that optimized your ability to live a healthy balanced life. Through our clinical professionals, we take our time to educate you about the myths and facts surrounding marijuana, cannabis and industrial hemp products so that, you can make an informed decision about your health.

As our valued customers, you get to tap into our vast knowledge not just of traditional drugs, but also natural resources that goes into making various forms of botanicals, including CBD supplements. Our aim is to help improve people’s quality of life with our Cannabidiol supplements.  Our specialized manufacturing process is directed towards a broad-spectrum plant-derived hemp-extract from cannabinoid products that are geared towards supplementing your daily health routine.

We at WCI Health choose to invest in highly knowledgeable clinical professionals in the emerging medical cannabis market because we are committed to you, our customer’s well-being. Our believe is that nature has given unto us humans, “ALL” that we need to live a healthy life. It is our hope that as you browse through our website, you’ll see what we see in these nature’s gift called cannabidiol, and shop with us.

All medications and supplements, including cannabidiol have potential to interact with other drugs, or supplement. Make sure you consult with your health care provider before starting or stopping any medications.

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Lola Ohonba, PHARM.D., (Clinical Pharmacist, Certified Medical Cannabis Specialist)

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