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cannabis treatments for mental health issues

  • Mental Health

    #006: Mental Health and Cannabis Part 2

    The pharmacological means of managing mental health can sometimes be unbearable, especially when the side effects seem worse than the sickness that’s being treated. Patients tend to be non-compliant with their medication because they don’t like their drugs’ side effects. And if a patient isn’t taking their medication, then how can they get better? We need to find alternative medicines with less side effects. In previous episodes, I have discussed both the body’s naturally produced cannabinoids found in the endocannabinoid system (episode 3) and the mental health disorders that are frequently grouped under the same umbrella because they have similar signs and symptoms (episode 5). Due to limited clinical studies,…

  • Mental Health

    #005: Mental Health And Cannabis: Part 1

    It is really important for us to start addressing the issue of mental health because I think that is as important as physical health. There is a big stigma around mental health, but with 2-7% of people suffering from major depression dying of suicide, we cannot afford to ignore this problem. Today in part one of my podcast on mental health, I’m going to talk about the types of mental health issues and their common symptoms. In part two, I will cover if and where cannabis could be used to treat mental health issues. One of the reasons we are talking about all of these mental health disorders is that…

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