A Pharmacist’s Guide to Cannabis



dr lola ohonba a pharmacists guide to cannabis
Image is MOCK UP. Book is 49 pages of quick valuable information that can also serves as quick reference.

The argument for the legalization of medical cannabis continues to rage on in many countries all over the world. But the tide is steadily turning: the medical cannabis market is now projected to be worth up to $11 billion in the USA, in the year 2020 alone.

In this fascinating, accessible and often humorous guide to medical cannabis, Dr. Lola Ohonba prepares healthcare professionals and the general public for the rapid rise of this controversial treatment. From understanding the various components of the cannabis plant, to learning about the body’s natural cannabinoid production, knowledge is key for healthcare professionals ready to embrace the future of disease management.

In A Pharmacist’s Guide to Cannabis you will learn:

  • Why the complex and colorful history of cannabis prohibition is jeopardizing its medical potential today.
  • The important differences between various terpenes and their uses.
  • Why the body’s Endocannabinoid System is the RoboCop of the human body.
  • Why medical cannabis may enhance the body’s own natural defences against disease.
  • What the Entourage Effect is, and why it means there is no real synthetic substitute for cannabis.
  • How to protect children from cannabis-based products.
  • And MORE!

Medical cannabis is slowly but surely gaining momentum. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for this new wave of treatment options, A Pharmacist’s Guide to Cannabis is your ultimate handbook to this multipurpose plant.

Author bio

Dr. Lola Ohonba is a clinical pharmacist and CEO of alternative health and wellness store WCI HEALTH. She graduated with honors from Texas Southern University with a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry, before obtaining her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Union University College of Pharmacy in Jackson, TN.

Certified in the application of medical cannabis, Dr. Ohonba is a vocal advocate for its widespread legalization and usage in mainstream medicine. The host of “Let’s Talk About Medical Cannabis with Dr. O” on Apple Podcast, Dr. Ohonba speaks about the role of cannabis in the management of disease states and its potential to revolutionize public health.

Dr. Ohonba lives in Florida and is married with three sons. She loves to volunteer, travel the world and stay up to date on current affairs. She is currently accepting invites for collaboration, consultation and speaking engagements.

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